Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Child of God

Owen was baptized on Jan 11th and we were so glad to be there. He wore Irish linen w/shamrocks on and cute little white shoes. And then he slept through the excitement of the after-party.

We went to Liz and Kevin's after the after and got to hang out w/Owen who is way too stinkin cute and changing WAY too fast. Growing up. Its tough to be so far. Sigh.

Let me tell you it was FREEZING up there.The warm clothes we have in Florida is in NO WAY enough to keep warm in NJ. Even layering. LOL! When we left it was 24 degrees in Phila. and 82 here. Thinking ahead of time, I put a tank top under my WINTER duds and whipped that HOT thing off the minute we got off the plane. smirk. Its not MY fault that a cold front came in that night. Really. lol!


  1. Glad you got to be there!! He is so cute and MY YOU LOOK EVER SO SKINNY IN THAT PIC, you HOT thing, LOL!!

  2. so glad that you got to be there !~ I just got off the phone with some family in chicago and it is like -40 .... brrrrr ! he is so cute and growing up soooo fast !


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