Monday, December 15, 2008


SAYS IT ALL! I bought the bazzill heart for future use and the future has arrived. I love how it worked out especially with making memories flowers and pp. Noteworthy and 7 g's came totally in handy and love the lil davis file folder. The little dots were made with this ITTY BITTY hand punched and lovingly (ahem) adhered. bwahahaha. I was thinking of french knots but thought it would be too cumbersome. Silly ME. LOL! I made the print b&w because we ALL had different colors on. LOL! It was after all a Holiday and while it looks like Christmas it was Thanksgiving. Love this photo - totally. Had to reload because *gasp* forgot the journaling. AND it was a total PIA to get this shot. DONE. *insert grimace*.


  1. LOVE this!!! The heart is perfect!!You are on a roll!! Wish I could just GET rolling, LOL...miss ya~we need to do lunch~SOON!! Or better yet, scrap shop therapy;)
    Like the new look of your blog!! Talk to you soon!!

  2. lynn this is beautiful! i love those hearts - just used a few on the calendar for monster in law :D


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