Thursday, December 11, 2008

Since I have a few new million readers. snort.....

that may not know that Tom's family's BIG holiday and his parents were adament that every FAMILY member needed to make a BIG effort to make. You could invite friend or foe, but YOU had to be there. After his sisters were grown, they took over hosting and cooking duties, rotating between the three of them. This year is was Ginny's turn. As usual we had a blast, from the stuffing making party (a tradition-were ANY female can participate in the drinking of wine, dicing the veggies, breaking up the bread and doing ALOT of stirring and wine drinking. lol) to the eating. I was totally pleased that Liz was able to make it for the stuffing making party. And I was really pleased that Nick and his family were able to be there for Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving was totally pleasing. For sure. My BIL Alan is a total good sport - with the apron and has become "the carver" no matter what house the turkey is in.


  1. love the title work ! glad you had a great turkey day!

  2. This LO ROCKS, girl!! LOVE the title!!


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