Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Two Thumbs UP

If I can direct your attention to the first photo. You'll see my boys giving 2 thumbs up. LOL! After that they totally lost interest. In the multi-colored starred pj's is Connor, Owen in the turkey suit. They are both adorable and sweet. They were too funny during the shoot, each leaning into the other, losing interest and basically looking like two grumpy old men. bwahahaha!


  1. Awwwwww~they are the cutest guys!!! I love the little jammies, too. Bet grammy misses them already ;)!!

  2. they are adorable ! love the 2 thumbs up! looks like they were born buddies :D glad you were able to see them, hope you had a good turkey day!

  3. Lynn ... they are the cutest and you must be the proudest grandmother around with plenty of reason to be of course. Love that you're sharing these cuties with us.

  4. These babies are adorable. That first photo is priceless. They both look like The Fonz (the cuter version). ;)



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