Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Whale watching in San Diego

had the same result as the polar bears at the zoo! Zip, zero, nada. Oh they said they were migrating. Uhuh. Suuuuuurrrrrrrreeeeeee! Always happens when I get on a boat. Which I may was a flippin C O L D ride. At least I wasn't chumming as some were. smirk. I did get some sea LIONS and seals. There's a difference. Suuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrreeeeeee! The lighthouses are cool and will be added to my lighthouse book. A couple of stickboats for ambience. bwahaha. A couple of sea creatures. The Midway battleship, from the water and the famous KISS. Love that. All in all I had fun, made some friends and watched for the elusive whales. I do have a raincheck, which I'll have to use next year because alas, they have migrated. snort.


  1. Likin' the lighthouses!! Can't wait what else San Diego had to offer. Bring on some more pics...

  2. Lynn .. it looks like you had an amazing trip ... hope the whales did you ... because that was quite rude of them not to show up so you could snap a few shots for your scrapbook ... don't they know we'd have liked to see them as well. LOL ... hope you get your rain check next year.


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