Thursday, August 3, 2017

Highlights from the Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum

I seriously don't want to spoil it for you - but it's a must see!
Absolutely amazing and needs to be on your bucket list.
It goes from boyhood to President.
(Ahem-my hubby's best side 😉 ).

 Mrs. Keckly and Mrs. Lincoln is the name of the book
written by Mrs. Keckly. They were friends until they weren't sadly.
It's a very good read.

 The Lincoln house in Springfield...
You get a tour with a ranger and of course I have inside shots.
You need to go see for yourself.
Amazing from a log cabin to middle class America.
A self-taught lawyer and legislator - then President.
How cool is that.


  1. What an opportunity. Love it. I like American history and this would be a great place to visit. I rambled around Betsy Ross and Benjamin and Deborah Franklin's' house a few years back.

  2. oh my goodness what a great place to be must get that on my list


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