Monday, September 21, 2009

U.S. Capitol

Well.................I fought PSE 7 and PSE 7 WON! Sigh. I surrender!!! (waving white flag). bwahaha!!! So this was sorta/kinda vision I had for this. Actually I was trying to use the panorama feature. I wanted the 2 houses beside the capitol and use a BIGGER capitol - because well it's very cool.

SOOOOOO....I stole this idea from "My Parents House" They did a photo collage of a building (I think) and just printed a bunch of pix and cropped different parts and just plopped it on there, popped some out. It was very cool. Mine looks nothing like that. lol! I did pop out the dome. I connected all the parts with Daisy D hinge, and to offset the fact that I got graphic again, I used a half circle for the journaling, our BADGE for the title (ephemera rocks!) and wouldn't be done w/o prima - STARs!! ON MM 5th avenue papers, along w/some bazzill. The lo does not do the magnificence of this structure justice. Inside is just as awesome and awe inspiring. I don't have a vision for that page. Which is probably a good thing at this point. Snort.


  1. Great page, love the melding of photos, really cool idea!

  2. However you were meaning to do this - the effect looks great! love how you did the photos! It's awesome!

  3. I think it turned out wonderfully Lynn! Love the stars1

  4. Great layout- it works!!! thanks so much for commenting on my blog about my vintage halloween project. I so appreciate it.

  5. Gorgeous page Lynn ... those pictures are totally awesome.

  6. Great page, like all those techniques you have used to tell your story.


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