Monday, July 14, 2008

Another sneak peek!

at Connor!!! He looks a tad bit grumpy to me and I would be too all smooshed up like that. The imaging is just so amazing. You can count fingers and toes, ears, nose, arms and legs. WOW!!! So while he's awaiting his big debut, preparations are being made. I have been on a creative tear and its been a blast. Please keep both Melissa and Liz in your prayers for a safe delivery and healthy babes!


  1. holy wow! amazing imagery! isn't it crazy how 3-d they are now? it's almost like you can touch them. incredible. and beautiful. a miracle. they both are in my prayers and thoughts! how exciting!

  2. Oh, how exciting, Lynn! That's such an amazing photo!

  3. Wow Lynn, the detail is amazing! Such a precious baby. Will be praying for a safe and easy delivery - and a healthy baby too.

  4. Oh how exciting!! I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers :)



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