Monday, June 30, 2008

You may think that this is just a bowl of

dead roses. Well in a way you may be right. But wait, these aren't just your average ordinary dead bunch of roses. This is a special potpourri that my sweet DH made out of the roses we have in our front yard that had lost their bloom. He deftly plucked off the mostly dead blooms and hunted up a really pretty dish to put them in. Isn't that thoughtful and sweet??? I thought so. Gotta just love a thoughtful guy! I'm glad he's mine. (Shades of mush *insert eyeroll*. Ack. Shhh...don't tell anyone. bwahahaha!


  1. awww Lynn how sickenly sweet is that??? now excuse me while I go hurl up my chimichanga from lunch - bwahahahahaha. Nah...that is SOOO stinkin' sweet of DH to that though. You ARE one lucky gal. and that's one heck of a pretty dish! he did good!!!

  2. OK~who hijacked Lynn's blog? This is way to mushy to be coming from Lynn.....bwahahhaha! He must want something...wink wink ;)

  3. i agree w/ brooke think he is after something ! :D

  4. You lucky girl Lynn!! Well he better treat you well right? Hey I loved your post about the green frog. Had me laughing the whole time I was reading it.



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