Tuesday, June 10, 2008

THIS toad...................

is worse than an ex-husband - he just won't go away!!! grrrr....he insists on swimming in my pool. And he's annoying which is also why I'm using a male preposition. I have thrown him out THREE TIMES! so far. Today he came flying through the door as I opened it and hopped right on in like he owned the place. But once he's IN, he can't figure out how to get OUT. While I was taking his photo, he kept giving me this puppy dog look, because NOW he wanted OUT. sigh. So after I made him sweat it out suffer for awhile taking his photo, I scooped him out with net and once again, flipped him as far as I could on the grass. NEXT time he's going in the canal behind the house. I think he'd be happier. I know I will because critters are ICKY. I get annoyed at fish when I'm swimming in the ocean. REALLY I do. They have alot of nerve being in my space when the ocean is mighty big. SO this goofy little frog is really pushing it hanging in my pool. He probably peed in it too. SIGH!


  1. So if you get warts, we know why, bwahahahahaah!!!

  2. omg...totally LMAO. I don't do frogs/toads, etc. never was to believe that these gross little boogers turn into a handsome prince...once a toad always a toad...:D


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