Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Total eclipse of the moon

My version of the lunar eclipse w/o a tripod. *insert eyeroll* It took FOREVER for the lens to close but I think its kinda cool. Abstract art even. I waited until it got a bit lighter, but by then cloud cover was all over it. Ah well. And then the full moon. I worked in customer service for awhile and you can TELL w/o a lunar calendar when it strikes because Murphy's law totally runs amok during that time.
The kidlet is off to school yet again. Alarm clock has not done its job for him yet again. I do have to admit getting up BEFORE the chickens gives you a jump on things.
The sweet lady who's watching our dogs while we are at the shore, met them yesterday. Although a few growls were let out, only to let her know they were afraid of her, everything went swimmingly. I feel better about this than the kennel thing.
My pal April and I had a the battle of the layouts yesterday and of course she totally won, but I got all my assignments completed. Now I just need to figure how to get them uploaded while I'm gone. Or just be late. I can be late.
Dh and got some exercise last night pedaling all over and took the kidlet w/us. Riding w/the kid is like riding w/a gnat. *insert eyeroll* He jumps, twirls, wheelies while circling around you while your riding. Of course I'm the greatest trick rider since Evel Kneivel (not) so most of my time is spent avoiding collisions. Sigh.
Did some retail therapy on Sunday- after church. Went the mall w/o the kid. Picked up a cute pair of skechers for 30% off and spring step sandals for 50% off and some underwear. I hate buying underwear - its such a crap shoot. Anyway had to return said undies and just went to Victoria's Secret where I should've went to begin with. But they planted those dead sea ladies/men outside there and they always pounce on you when you go by. Of course their product is good if not really expensive. However the little missy who snagged me the last time removed 20 years from age, for which I begged the question - then why would I need your product. Bwahahahahaha!! Mary Kay is my best friend. "nuf said.

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  1. lynn - your pictures of the eclipse - bummed that i missed it again - we missed the meteor shower a few weeks ago too! welcome to the world of blogging - how cool is it that i am your first comment


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