Saturday, September 4, 2010

Going to "the city".....

Started with driving to the train depot. My DH was sweet and did a u-turn so I could get my book to read during the ride to pass the time. When we switched in Long Branch, he got his wish and sat on the top of a double decker train. It was totally fun!We met up with our tour guide outside of Penn Station, which was a riot of activity. Hopped a subway with the other "cattle" waiting to go. And it was really really HOT below ground. Of course standing room only.
We milled around Union Square and walked through the outside vegie market which was very cool and then headed for a coffee shop where we hung out waiting for Liz, Melissa and Owen. I was so impressed that Liz brought Owen to the City on the train - just the two of them. *bowing to her courage*.
On the way to the coffee shop, found the taxi hangout and couldn't resist. And ain't NYC politically correct with the hybrids. Guess the luggage can go in the car and the people run along side. Winwin- exercising on purpose. bwahahaha!The Mesa Grill was uptown, upscale and so de-lish. We split a bottle of wine, which I chose and went through the whole wine thing which I never did before and honestly was totally clueless but had fun with it because well EVERYONE knew I was clueless. It was an Aussie Chardonnay which was delicious.
SomeONE (and it wasn't me) told the staff we had a couple of birthdays, so upon ordering dessert(s), we shared a lot which was fun and delicous! Anyhoo, it had a birthday candle stuck in a slice of banana, which was totally adorable. I managed to snap a quick pix of O blowing out his candle. He'll be 2 on the 9th, where did the time go. Really. (my other boy was two yesterday). Sigh.


  1. oh the city is so fun! love that first shot of the train

  2. Love the pics and the city sounds fun!!! love the taxi shot!


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