Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This one was a long time coming. I love the photo because well its unusual for Shane to be still and two, its unusual for Shane so be snuggy. Yes yes I know the dang picture is crooked. Part of my charm - smirk. But I love the outcome. Yes I used pink because well I don't get to use pink very often and Shane likes pink. Anyway I think it showcased quite nicely despite the crookedness. Bwahahahaha!


  1. I *LOVE* this!! And I wouldn't think it could look any needed that that even a word,LOL. LOVE it!!!!

  2. omg, i love this! love the photo and the paper rocks!

  3. what a sweet sweet picture and I think the layout is absolutely perfect - crooked or not...I think the slight tilt adds charm! love it!


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