I began my journey with paper, scissors and glue 14 years ago when my favorite eldest son enlisted in the army and fled the nest. I wanted him to have something from home so I set out to Michael’s with nothing but visions of scrapbooks from back in my day and I proceeded to spend $300 on stuff that is long gone, that scrapbook fell completely apart and has since been totally redone. Thankfully.

Out of the ashes of that disaster, I began stalking magazines and Sandy Genovese’s show on the DIY channel and learned so much. It was a tense time as Michael’s was the only game in town and did not carry any of the cool tools I was being introduced to. 
And then shazam, scrapbook shops opened in the area and a whole new world was born. Taking classes and even working at an LSS, I and my style evolved and in full disclosure those albums and pages I did back in the day - will never see the light of day. At least not publicly.

I joined the 2 peas in a bucket website since that was the only game in town at first. And OMG. I had to put my brave on since there were billions of amazing pages and ideas out there - so be kind in looking toward the back in my gallery. Since then I have served on various now defunct design teams and scrapbook sites and have had a wonderful time, meeting new virtual friends that I’ve been blessed to meet live and in person and now enjoy BFF status with. Also during that time my blog Murphy’s Law was created and continues to evolve. I enjoy posting stuff I love and love to do and sometimes it doesn’t involve scrapbooking. I know. The internet is a wonderful thing.

I enjoy flirting with various mediums, papers and take away the things that “speak” to me and use them in some way. There are times when this hobby can be quite chatty and I hope shows on my pages.  

I also jumped on the bandwagon and I can’t begin to tell how heritage photos and stories make me swoon. I have a roots journal that has become evergreen and I hope to collect more stories. Sadly the storytellers and keeper of secrets in family have passed on so I’m always on the lookout for whatever anyone can remember and wants to share.  I cannot stress the importance of hunting those people down and getting the stories. You may need to resort to gestapo methods as our ancestors can totally keep secrets.

I too jumped on the “let’s get published” bandwagon back in the day when there were a million magazines looking for cool and innovative things and I did manage to snag a gig in Somerset Memories. Since then I relaxed a bit because I felt it was stifling my creativity by trying to design to someone else’s wants, needs and desires.

It has been a very freeing process.

I also love to travel with my hubby, together, we have the best adventures and I became an avid crossfitter in order to get my knees working. Well the knees work and I continue to crossfit. It really is an addiction.

Stay tuned for my adventures with all my loves. 

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