Friday, August 6, 2021

New Album in the works

This album is from Hobby Lobby and 6x8 comes with a
variety of inserts.
I decided not to do matchy matchy from the 
outside to the inside.  
Used a combo of stamps and stencils.

It's not required is it???

It's kind of fun, yet I feel sort of boxed in with the different
project life pages because I feel it's like
a one trick pony

plus  I have limited supplies.
FUNNY THING - I had to whittle down and kept what I
thought would be used for everything
and it fits "my style" (snort)

However, when I go to scrap it feels like nothing works.
 What else is fun is that the towns, even the little ones
have their own stickers which of course
I totally needed, however, they ain't cheap.

So I try to work with what I have and in fact,
I have started doodling - we'll call -

However, that minion is mine. 
It appears I'm a really good copy-cat 
So above it appears I did all my journaling
on the page before and it's sorta/kinda a 2 page
Did a bit of Tim magic and made my own PL cards.
Having a tough time with mojo.
I feel because of space I need to make albums smaller
but I am so used to working in any size
and somehow I can't convince my bad self to  just break out.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

4x4 Baby Album -

In no particular order.
It was actually kind of fun until
those 2x2 PL page protectors and throughout
the album.
In the middle of nowhere with no stores I used what i had.
Sweet and Sassy DCWV - very old and
some cardstock and dies and punches and stamps.
It was fun.
I tried to adhere stuff down that could be lifted up,
removed if need be so 1x1 photos or journaling could be done. 

Or one can just leave them blank. 
Used up a lot of stuff which I love because
now I can buy more.

There were way more 2x2 pages than 4x4
which I found weird.


I hope momma loves it.

I kept the outside of the album simple.
Getting too carried away makes it tough to store
without it getting messed up.
Besides it's gold - does it need anymore ???


Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Update pages in my PL album

For some reason I didn't photo these on the same page.
My bad. 
Fun with the handdrawn stuff.
Having lunch with our friends, I do love that
the pages have different sizes and shapes.
However, I seriously need to do more portrait
photos - I'm actually improving on that.

Used some TH and punches and dies for for this.
Not to mention inks.
I do love my homemade PL card.

The copper museum had sooooo much stuff 
so I settled on adding Americana 
on my pages.
I did paint those thickers (and not very well)
with some studio calico gold paint. 
I redid them like 5 times. LOL.

Loving the pamphlets and now using 
stickers from the nation parks.
The walnut canyon sticker should've been
hooked with the one next to it, BUT
it was too big so I whacked it and made another
homemade PL journal card.

 Whoops out of order, and it is a pain
in the butt to reorder in this browser but it
has a bigger photos to pick from when uploading.

 I'm loving this album documenting our travels and
I was kinda doing them in order, but
it kinda stifled my creativity so now I'm scrapping
what "moves" me.
And I'm also feelin' it with the pocket pages.
I'll get over my badself soon.