Saturday, October 1, 2022

Scrapbook Album made of Scraps

So I did a thing. I follow Susanne Rose Art on UT and IG and she rocks. What she does among other things is put pages together just using scraps and they look amazing. Because I had some chipboard pages already cut - because I made like 3 mistakes in cutting the size I really wanted to use, so.....I pulled out my scraps, slapped them on with a gluestick and in some cases got carried away with the embellishments, and made an album that I have no clue what to do with now. A plus is that I have a lot less scraps rolling around.

AND because it's how a scrappy book goes, the pictures are from back to front. LOL..


Saturday, September 10, 2022

Birthday card "let life surprise you"

Well it all started out at HL when they had
the TH dies on sale.
And I decided to use them right away.
The background is the 3D gear embossing folder by TH
and I admit it is an odd choice, that actually kind
of works. That too was premade and
I really liked the colors with the catus colors.
which except for the card is TH papers.
The sentiment was already on it and
it's a surprise party - I figured it'd be a fun start.
On the inside at the same HL sale I bought the
bugs. I admit its an impulse buy and
of course made some that day.
The swirl is also TH die - an older one 665845,
he forgot to name this one. LOL.
The Happy Birthday is actually from Kaiser Kraft
if you ever see that collection. 
Get it.
You will not be disappointed.


Monday, September 5, 2022

Homemade Love 1790 Album

It appears that I absolutely love this color combo
because my travelogue album is
almost exactly like this one. 
Oh well. 
Used TH oxides and a lot of random stamping going on.
This is an album of unused, extra photos and just a 
chance to use some new dies and stamps.

I love using bags for tags.

I have a lot of old product and that's okay.
No one in 100 years from now is not going to know
I didn't use the latest and greatest.
I have a lot to use up.

I also collect the bags some restaurants use
to put utensils in and
they make excellent tag holders.

The grands got to play at the Stony Pony with
their band.
How cool is that.

Got use that brooch.
A door shot from an old fort I traipsed through.

I also love using all different size pages. 
and of course dimension.
It's a good way to use PL cards one doesn't know what to do with.

Don't you love that TH die frames all different shapes.
Worked out so well of my parents back in the day.
And my new TH die of sea life.
You'll be seeing more because I have another new die.

And here's the other new under the sea TH die.
Those starfish 😐 love them.
I have a lot of new dies.

Worked in some colorful doilies and fussy cut flowers
with that 3D frame another TH die using 
watercolor paper and of course come oxides.

Another new die - is that hatch mark looking thing.
I did whack it down for this page.
OH and that other new TH die with the heart
and wild thread going around it.
I wanted the "thread". 
It was getting so bulky so I decided to call it a day.
and I love how it turned out.
Oh and those little flowers there?? 
It's $1.25 die cut from dollar tree.

And of course the back.
I seriously need to start some covers with new
color palettes.

Oh gee I have to create a new album 🤣