Thursday, May 18, 2023

Vegas Wedding Album

Favorite youngest son eloped to Vegas which was of course, 
a surprise.
Anyway, I picked this album up because it was on sale and
carried it around for a few years 
until now.
That heart came with it, and it's so cool that gold 
glitter paper sold works so well with it.
Deploying some Tim Holtz and/or Sissix stuff that
quite frankly, needed to be used for the
opening page.
I'm really not a fan of putting together layered dies
but I do love the results.

Since we've been camped in the boonies for awhile
I decided I really needed to get creative
with what I had and I have a lot
of really old patterned papers.

And that involved a few die cuts and some stamps.

So because I seriously needed a challenge 🥸I 
picked up some 2x2 page protectors so
now they needed to be filled
and it honestly turned out great 
to get a lot of pictures in.
I did create the journaling papers with 
TH oxides.

However, halfway through I figured out I didn't
have journaling spots planned.

Then I had to get over putting SOMETHING on every page.
That you'll begin to see after you scroll past these pages. 🤣

However, in trying to come up with really cool sayings
and things was 
to add in the journaling squares 😊.

Starting here.
And then because I was running out of photos
but I do love a good filler page 
because you can really get creative with
more layered flowers.
It figures I have quite a few of them 🤣

Love these 2 photos.

Made them a litte 3D.

Or they can add pictures and emphemera.

So okay this one below was the last page I first came up with
and I wanted it to be a bag to tuck in 
tags for journaling.
But I had doubts and sent a pix to my pal
Holli and she told me like it is.
It just doesn't go.
But that window frame I love (and would you believe I lost the inside
frame die cute. How you might ask. No. clue. 
But it did show up today stuck in my Big shot. LOL.
I was bummed I really love that die.
So the envelop isn't working.

I remembered this is Vegas baby and designed
my own envelope. 
Of course with die cuts and just added
the initial B. 
Love it!


Tuesday, May 16, 2023

We are back on the road again

Actually we've been out since April and found that April is really to early to go north. 
Howover, we valiantly we fought the cold but not without
alot of whining and complaining. 

I love taking roadside pictures and there are so many cool structures
on the side of the highway. Especially this one in South Dakato
which is a beautiful state BTW.
After catching the first picture which was fun in all of itself
being a skeltonasaurus and all, 
but the second scene is even funnier to me.
Looks like he's menacing and headed to attack this
poor unsuspecting church that I didn't notice before now.
Skeltonasaurus doesn't stand a chance.

Friday, March 31, 2023

Made a couple of birthday cards

Had a great time with this one.
Used the TH 3D embossing wave folder, 
used a stamped mermaid and used the crayons
to color her in, and variety of die cuts.
I did steal the envelop cover from someone 
I follow on IG.
I just happened to have a leftover piece that
worked perfectly on the flap.

I have love those stamps.

I really enjoyed this card too.
I find I love to make scenes and this one
was fun to do.
Got to use dies I don't use much
and I don't know why. 
And the TH muttlings are a fav!
I found I did have a pet paper pad that I didn't
realize was for pets as I have none 
and the bones are a hoot for the sentiment.

And paw paper for the balloons.


Saturday, March 18, 2023

Make Waves - 6x6 mini album

This 6x6 paper pad was an impulse buy.
I loved it the minute I laid eyes on it.
And no matter what...
I was buying it even though I knew I'd never really use it
personally, because I really don't know why LOL.
However, made a new friend that loves the beach 
and was in a creative mood so.....
she's getting a mini album
and the title totally fits her "Make Waves".
This paper pad by P3 whom I never heard of
(but I'm not really cutting edge anymore)
gives you 3 sets of the same papers 
that I thought was cool because I did a lot
of fussy cutting and pop dotting.
And because this is an album cover page with pop dots
I added transparency to kind of shield it.

I wanted to shabby chic it up because it practically begged for it
so I cut my own chipboard pages and they may
or may not be a tad wonky.
And I mussed up the edges on the papers.

Also included, are quite a few embellishments and 
journaling spots that need fussy cutting.
Ah man didn't see that scrap of better when 
I was taking pix and I already gave my friend the album.

So I used every paper at least once and
sometimes twice and
whacked a lot of stuff out.

I did add a couple of my own die cuts 
that may or may not work well.

Love the dimension pop dots give 
and hopefully she won't be afraid to add
photos and journaling.

Of course I forgot to photo the back of the book
but its just white gesso over chipboard
a tiny envelop that came in the embellishmehts
and a stamp that says
'created just for you.'


Sunday, March 5, 2023

Hanging from a plane

Favorite eldest son is an adreneline junkie.
Here he is hanging from a perfectly good plane
and I'm not seeing a chute.
In the meantime,
I couldn't find any paper I liked for a base so
I made my own using oxides and distress inks along
with the sun stencil, and some stamps.
That plane is perfect.
Anyway, I was going to put a regular photo there
but nah! I just couldn't it needed 
fussy cutting and some pop dots.

It was a fun page to do.


Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Pages in my 6x6 album

 Love how these pages turned out and 6x6 is a fun size.
Cedar memories are a capture of items I
had been keeping in my cedar chest (which has seen better days).
So I found a high school club jersery, did embroidry 
in those days, my candy striper outfit and cap
HS notebook and newspaper,
my confirmation dress and favorite first born outfit.

This is a 2 page spread and it feels
weird the title is on the second page but I'm not changing it
because I really like there.
I printed my photos 1.9x1.9 and that
works perfectly in getting 6 pictures on 4x6.
I really love doing this because while these photos are
precious, I have a small album to work with
and those photos would take up the entire book,
practically (I'd need more page protectors) if 
I did them singularly.
So...while they are important I like that there combined
because this is basically how they were 

The papers are DCWV playful pets 6x6 and
while I have no pets - the B side papers rock.

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Birthday card for dad

This card was a lot of fun to make.
I love the 3D background and I did a bunch
to have them on hand so
all I needed to do was add some distress inks.
The autos are TH stamp set and
love how they turned out - it
took quite a bit of stamping using a platform.
The alphas are quickutz, the small one is calvin
but I don't remember the second one.
and the inside I decided to go
with calvin alpha again and added a "firework".
It's a punch and a baby to the first one punch I ever bought
(love I have 2 different sizes now).
I love it and use it a lot -more than I thought I would.

And because I felt the just plain brownish background 
needed something to I took a small
Michael's dot stamp and just tapped it all over.